Foreclosure Counseling

The Foreclosure Prevention Program is designed specifically for homeowners who are behind, or anticipate becoming behind, in their mortgage payments on their primary residence. Our professional counselors help homeowners establish a budget, determine strategies to prevent foreclosure, and develop a plan to get them back on track with their mortgage payments.

NWP Foreclosure PreventionForeclosure prevention counseling is available to all Idaho residents for their primary residence regardless of income or value of the home. The counseling is provided free of charge.

NeighborWorks® Pocatello is a nonprofit, HUD-approved housing counseling agency. Be wary of foreclosure rescue or loan modification scams, or ads, people, or companies that charge a fee for assistance.

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Foreclosure is an Ugly Word (203kb PDF)

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Additional Information:
Foreclosure Prevention Intake Packet  (1.5mb PDF)